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We take what makes you special and present it beautifully, front and centre.

Individuality is the spice of life - no one project looks exactly like another, and for good reason. We take what makes you special and present it beautifully, front and centre. Nothing makes us happier than hearing your business goals and presenting a solution that helps you smash them out of the park.


We run wild when it comes to creativity, however our process and delivery systems are consistent and thorough - we want your branding and business to stand the test of time - likewise our professional relationship. Lots of laughs, hard work and genuine care allows for an enjoyable design process for both parties and a partnership with longevity.



The face
behind the screen

I’m Tash! The owner of BITE Creative and the designer who’ll be handling your projects. 


I have always loved to create and beautify. Be it a physical space, a piece of art or a home cooked meal - curated design brings joy and connection. I bring this mentality to work with me every day as I create branding for stand-out businesses and connect with ambitious clients.


I’ve always loved meeting new people and my work life is no different. I adore developing relationships with clients of all shapes and sizes - what I love even more is bringing your business to life.

The nitty gritty - I hold a BCom in Marketing from the University of Otago, and a DipGrad in Graphic Design from Yoobee Colleges. This has put me in good stead to do what I’m passionate about - combining strategy and creativity to develop unique and effective brands. 

When I'm not designing, you'll find me chasing the sun, having a wine with the girls or getting stuck into house renos with my fiancé.

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