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Branding and Visual Identity

Nail your branding, strategy and business direction with our specialty service - strategic all-inclusive branding. We start by discovering exactly what sets you apart and create a brand that capsures your essence. Professional branding gives you the best chance of connecting with your dream customers and reaching your business goals.


When we design we bear in mind your goals, your why and your cutomers why. We’ll create a document showcasing your brand’s vision, mission, values, brand personality, tone of voice, target audience, positioning and visual identity, giving you everything you need to keep your branding consistent and effective for the long haul.


Core Offerings

Logo | Master, secondary, brand mark, favicon/app icons.

Colour Palette | Primary and supporting colours.

Typography Styling | Hero font with supporting secondary and body fonts to use across all touch points of the business.

Supporting Graphics | Patterns, icons, illustrations and graphics to bring personality and flair to your business

Application Mockups | See how your brand will look across merchandise, collateral, packaging website and more.

Imagery Guide | Lifestyle and product styling reference.

Social Media Assets | Highlight cover icons, tile and reel templates for Instagram.

Stationary Items | Brochures, letter heads, business Cards, thank-you cards, mailer boxes and more.

Brand and Strategy Kit | A detailed guide on on how to use all of your brand elements across your business along with your voice, copy kit and more.


Project creation generally takes 4-6 weeks.


Each project is unique, therefore we like to provide custom quotes to reflect the attention and time that needs to be set aside for each project. 


What does the process look like?

1. Discovery Session

Time to dream big! We kick off with an in-depth brand discovery session where we find out more about your target audience, goals, values and personal style to help us create your dream branding.

At this point, we've got all the information we need! We create two branding concepts which will be sent to you with clear explanations as to how and why the design choices were made. You will select your favourite brand concept and make your revision requests (if there are any!).

3. Design

2. Concept

We use moodboards to ensure we're on the same page before kicking off the design process. We present different directions your branding could move in based of what we gathered from the discovery session. This is an opportunity for you to provide feedback and get really comfortable moving into the design phase.

Once we have finalised any revisions and your brand identity is complete, we’ll then provide you with all of your finalised assets and a  complete brand kit. You can then begin implementing your branding and reaping the benefits!

4. Deliver

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